How Intense is Olympic Table Tennis? Look at…

“Attention to detail is also important when covering table tennis with an emphasis on the focal point being the player’s eyes.” – Getty Images photographer, Tom Pennington

How Intense is Olympic Table Tennis? Look at…

Table tennis is a very fast-paced sport that is played in a confined space, and we are constantly looking for an artistic view of the action and reaction. Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

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The Art of the Splash

The wealth of aquatic sports at the 2016 Summer Olympics is the source for some beautiful splashes. Photo: Al Bello

The Art of the Splash

See more artful Olympic splashes from the Getty Images picture desk. Photo: Al Bello

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New Camera Lens Allows You to Zoom in to the…

A whole lotta zoom (via Colossal) Video by Daniel Pelletier

New Camera Lens Allows You to Zoom in to the…

In a great example of just how powerful consumer cameras have become, watch as this Nikon P9000 zooms into the night sky, transporting you from a parking lot in France to the surface of the moon. (Video by Daniel Pelletier)

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