The Crowd of Photographers at the Rio Olympics

“This is the most visual Olympic Games yet,” Getty Images’ Vice President of Sports Ken Mainardis tells PetaPixel. Photo by Alexander Hassenstein

The Crowd of Photographers at the Rio Olympics

A common scene at the Rio 2016 Olympics: press photographers competing to snap the most newsworthy and memorable shot of major events at the Games. Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

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Synchronized Beneath the Surface

These swimmers are still in sync below where you could see them! Photo by Al Bello

Synchronized Beneath the Surface

Synchronized beauty from the Getty Images picture desk. This photo by Al Bello. Want to see more?

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A Group Gave 105 Homeless People Disposable…

105 homeless men and women gathered at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Each of them was given a disposable camera and told to take pictures that represent “my London.” Photo: Jackie Cook/MyLondon Photography Contest (via Upworthy)

A Group Gave 105 Homeless People Disposable…

“Some people have had experience, and others have never picked up a camera before.” Photo: Jackie Cook/MyLondon Photography Contest

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50 Shades of Greige

When grey meets beige it is a beautiful thing. Photo: Nisian Hughes

50 Shades of Greige

The beauty of greige from the Getty Images creative picture desk. This photo: Nisian Hughes

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Time-lapse Pairs Blooming Flowers with Crawling…

Time-lapse so beautiful and like nothing you’ve ever seen before via Colossal 🎥 Yoshiyuki Katayama

Time-lapse Pairs Blooming Flowers with Crawling…

Umwelt is a short film by Japanese artist Yoshiyuki Katayama that depicts an elegant series of flowers blooming in slow motion. Unlike other time-lapse videos we’ve seen in this genre, each flower is accompanied by an insect or spider that crawls across each flower at the precise moment it blooms.

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