Bentley Used NASA Tech to Create This…

Here’s what it looks like when you zoom all the way in to the passenger seat of the $330,000 Bentley (via PetaPixel)

Bentley Used NASA Tech to Create This…

Check out this photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s no ordinary photo: Bentley calls it “the world’s most extraordinary car photograph.” Why? Because it’s a 53-gigapixel photo that you can zoom waaay into.

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Bill Cunningham, Legendary Times Fashion…

Nothing escaped his notice: not the fanny packs, not the Birkin bags, not the gingham shirts, not the fluorescent biker shorts. 📷: Mark Lennihan/Associated Press

Bill Cunningham, Legendary Times Fashion…

Designated a living landmark he was an easy one to spot, riding his bicycle through Midtown, where he did most of his field work with his 35-millimeter camera slung around his neck, ever at the ready for the next fashion statement to come around the corner. Photo: Mark Lennihan/Associated Press

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Black and White in Color

See more Black and White in Color images from Getty Images Creative 📷: Sean Murphy

Black and White in Color

Seeing color in black & white in a gallery by the Getty Images Creative team. This photo: Sean Murphy

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Glastonbury Festival

Relieve Glastonbury festival in all it’s muddy glory 📷: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Glastonbury Festival

Relive Glastonbury 2016 in all it’s muddy glory with the big headlines and standout moments. Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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Snow Falls Down Under

Fresh winter scenes of Australia from Getty Images 📷: Heath Holden/Getty Images

Snow Falls Down Under

See more snowy photos of Down Under from Getty Images. This photo: Heath Holden/Getty Images

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The Story Behind an Iconic Portrait that Had a…

The power of a photograph to change minds. (via PetaPixel) Video still: Platon

The Story Behind an Iconic Portrait that Had a…

Famed portrait photographer Platon has some really incredible stories to tell. He’s photographed some of the most powerful people in the world… once with guns trained on him. But his most powerful political portrait wasn’t of a powerful person at all.

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Gravity-Defying Shoes Installed on the Streets…

Views of the downside up street installation by Pejac via Colossal

Gravity-Defying Shoes Installed on the Streets…

The head-scratching installations titled “Downside Up” by the artist Pejac can be found around East London and are a teaser ahead of a solo show.

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Once Upon a Time, In a Far Away Castle

Just add a dragon, unicorn and some really long hair and you’ll have yourself a true fairytale. Video by Copterbrothers

Once Upon a Time, In a Far Away Castle

This magical clip of a German UNESCO castle, from exclusive video contributor Copterbrothers, evokes a true sense of fairytale.

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Otherworldly Landscapes

See more unbelievable places on planet Earth from the Getty Images Creative team. This photo by John Lund

Otherworldly Landscapes

See more in a photo gallery of Otherworldly Landscapes. This photo: ‘View of Dragon Blood Trees in Yemen by John Lund

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Photos of Vivian the Giant Wiener Dog

The project “is a children’s book about a big dog moving to the ‘big city,’” Boyer says. “As you can imagine, she’s pretty disappointed when she arrives in New York City and discovers she is still the only giant wiener dog around.” 📷: Mitch Boyer, (via PetaPixel)

Photos of Vivian the Giant Wiener Dog

Vivian, a 6-foot-tall dachshund, features in a new photo book by photographer Mitch Boyer.

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