Leap to It!

Happy Leap Day from Getty Images!

Leap to It!

Jumping lamb. Photo Credit: Ineke Kamps and more high jumping images from Amy Robertson, Senior Technology Program Manager at Getty Images.

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These Girls Escaped Child Marriage. Now They’re…

“Girl empowerment is one of the strongest prevention techniques to end child marriage,” says Sinclair. By teaching basic photography skills, the workshop affirmed the value of their voices and their stories.

These Girls Escaped Child Marriage. Now They’re…

Stephanie Sinclair’s nonprofit, Too Young to Wed , has partnered with Fuji Film and the Samburu Girls Foundation (SGF)—an organization that rescues vulnerable girls from harmful practices in rural Kenya—to put on a photography workshop for girls between ages of 11 and 14.

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World Celebrates International Polar Bear Day…

International Polar Bear Day celebrates the world’s largest bear and land carnivore to highlight conservation efforts.

World Celebrates International Polar Bear Day…

Three month old polar bear cub (Ursus maritimus). Photo credit: Ger Bosma.

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Man Spent Years Taking Photos Of This Small Town

There’s not much going on in these pictures, but it’s obvious that this town is nothing but charm.

Man Spent Years Taking Photos Of This Small Town

60-year-old Michael Paul Smith has spent countless hours photographing one quaint town. There’s something about the place that always drew him to it.

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Satoki Nagata: Voici la série “Lights in Chicago”

L’image est abstraite et surréaliste, mais aussi pleine de vie et de personnalité.

Satoki Nagata: Voici la série “Lights in Chicago”

Originaire du Japon, Satoki Nagata est tout d’abord arrivé aux Etats Unis pour exercer sa profession dans le domaine scientifique. Une dizaine d’années plus tard, lassé, il se décide de se tourner vers les arts visuels et c’est ainsi qu’il commence à apprendre la photographie.

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Let’s see what you got!

Get your gender stereotype-busting images in now because the competition is ending on Feb 29th! http://gtty.im/1KHnvbX

Let’s see what you got!

‘Let’s see what you got!’ is a great example of the inspiring images we’re received so far and entered into our competition ‘Lean In Collection on iStock by Getty Images’ by Irma Mason.

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Lantern Festival Marks Final Day of Chinese New…

Lantern Festival Marks Final Day of Chinese New Year Celebrations

Lantern Festival Marks Final Day of Chinese New…

A villager performs iron sparks to celebrate Lantern Festival at Henghe Village of Taiping Town on February 22, 2016 in Jining, Shandong Province of China. Photo by ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

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World Press Photo Awards – Kevin Frayer 1st &…

Kevin Frayer, an intrepid documenter of life in China for Getty Images, shows the effects of China’s dependence on coal and the pollution it creates: http://gtty.im/1KYhCa8

World Press Photo Awards – Kevin Frayer 1st &…

Getty Images News photographer Kevin Frayer was awarded 1st prize single and for this haunting picture from Shanxi China and 2nd prize story for his series on Tibetan Buddhist nomads in the Daily Life category.

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Super Sweet Sloths

This image and more sloths smiling for the camera in a gallery from Getty Images

Super Sweet Sloths

View of Baby Sloth From The Peruvian Amazon. Photo Credit: Snic320

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The hottest place on Earth is covered in…

Death Valley is expecting a rare “super bloom” this year after torrential October rain.

The hottest place on Earth is covered in…

Photo Credit: Kurt Asplindh via Instagram

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