Breathtaking 8K Timelapse of Grand Teton

Breathtaking 8K time lapse of Grand Teton (via PetaPixe) 📷: Will & Jim Pattiz/ More Than Just Parks

Breathtaking 8K Timelapse of Grand Teton

Filmmaker brothers spent nearly a month shooting and filming in Jackson Hole Valley and in the Teton Mountain Range, capturing the beauty of the 500-square-mile park. Photo: / More Than Just Parks

Getty Images | iStock Ambassadors


3 thoughts on “Breathtaking 8K Timelapse of Grand Teton

  1. Isn’t this UNBELIEVABLE, Julio? I was struck by the fact that you could take any single frame out of that film and have yourself a beautifully image. It’s also clear that they paid attention to every frame of the time lapse individually with their polarizer filter and color grading. And the result is simply awe-inspiring! What a gorgeous testament to the beauty of this national park. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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