Signature Artist of the Month: Jeff Bergen

““I’m trying to move in a direction where I’m shooting more women in traditionally male roles. There are definitely inequalities occurring that need to be addressed and the world is starting to respond to that,” he said. “My hope is that one day we’re in a place where young boys and girls are dreaming of the same kinds of goals.” – photographer, Jeff Bergen

Signature Artist of the Month: Jeff Bergen

His mastery of light and affinity for capturing real people make iStock by Getty Images photographer Jeff Bergen one to watch.

Getty Images | iStock Ambassadors


10 Photos Inside Tokyo’s Cavernous, Totally…

Check Out Tokyo’s Cavernous, Creepy, Totally Sci-Fi Drainage Tunnels 📷Christoffer Rudquist via @WIRED

10 Photos Inside Tokyo’s Cavernous, Totally…

It’s got silos so large you could fit a space shuttle inside. Captured by photographer Christoffer Rudquist

Getty Images | iStock Ambassadors