Heart-Stopping Image from 2015 Goes…

A heart-stopping Getty Images photo from 2015’s San Fermin festivities goes unexpectedly viral thanks to Game of Thrones. The interview is in Spanish but the images say it all. 📷: David Ramos

Heart-Stopping Image from 2015 Goes…

The story behind one of the most memorable photos of 2015, in the midst of a motley crowd and stained with wine, a pale young girl with the transfigured face looks up at the camera. Editors who prepared coverage of the San Fermin festival this year, and anyone who watched the recent epic ninth episode of Game of Thrones, Battle of the Bastards could not miss the any similarity with the original, moving photo. Rapidly losing the battle and strained between dying troops Jon Snow looks up into an overhead shot is practically a mirror of photograph by Getty Images’ David Ramos.

Getty Images | iStock Ambassadors


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