Surreality: The Psychedelic Visual Trend That…

“Surreality” is an aesthetic that references how we visually make sense of the new ways in which we consume culture and share information. 📷: Yagi Studio

Surreality: The Psychedelic Visual Trend That…

Visual insights from Getty Images Art Director, Lauren Catten, on our 2016 Visual Trend, Surreality. Photo: Yagi Studio

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A Portrait Revisited: 1986, 2006

“In making this series of double portraits, I was seeking to explore the uncanny ability that photography possesses to reveal back to us haunting notions of time and mortality.” Photos & text by Roderick McNicol via LensCulture

A Portrait Revisited: 1986, 2006

These diptych portraits of the same person, same pose, 20 years apart, evoke the magic that is at the heart of photography and portraiture. Photographs & text by Roderick McNicol via LensCulture

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