Every Cloud has a Shanghai Lining

Up up and away! Stunning new #timelapses from Moment contributor Shen Wei capture a cloud covered #Shanghai at dawn @GettyCreativity

Every Cloud has a Shanghai Lining

Stunning new timelapses taken from the Shanghai Tower, exclusively from Moment contributor Shen Wei

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What Working Mothers Really Look Like

“The percentage of women in the labor force continues to rise (70 percent of mothers with children under 18 are employed or looking for work).” See what modern pregancy and working mothers really look like, through the lens of đź“· Alice Proujansky via The New York Times Lens

What Working Mothers Really Look Like

Real-life imagery of what today’s working mothers experience. đź“· Alice Proujansky

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The Weird & The Wonderful

See more of this week’s Offbeat photos from Getty ImagesNews đź“·: Rina Castelnuovo/Bloomberg/Getty Images

The Weird & The Wonderful

This pic of new wearable strap that lets you type with finger taps on any surface and more of the week’s offbeat photos. Photo: Rina Castelnuovo/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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