Capturing the Perfect Moments That Make Up Life

“The world is full of magical moments—you just have to keep your eyes peeled.” 📷: Kondoros Éva Katalin

Capturing the Perfect Moments That Make Up Life

One more look at our April 2016 iStock by Getty Images’ Signature Artist of the Month, lifestyle photographer, Kondoros Éva Katalin.

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360 Panoramic Kite Photography by James Gentles

Talented KAP artist James Gentles uses kites to capture 360 panoramas.

360 Panoramic Kite Photography by James Gentles

View the images on a VR headset for maximum immersion! 📷 James Gentles/GettyImages

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Remembering Prince: “I almost got my butt…

Remembering Prince. 📷: Larry Busacca/ Getty Images

Remembering Prince: “I almost got my butt…

Getty Images Entertainment photographer, Larry Busacca, tells us the story behind one of his favorite photos of Prince. 📷: Larry Busacca

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The Weird & The Wonderful

See the week’s offbeat photos from Getty Images 📷: by Dan Kitwood

The Weird & The Wonderful

A face mask is placed on the statue of Nelson’s Column by Greenpeace protesters on April 18, 2016 in London, England. 📷: by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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