Samsung patents smart contact lenses with a…

Samsung patents smart contact lenses with a built-in camera

Samsung patents smart contact lenses with a…

Samsung has been granted a patent in South Korea for smart contact lenses intended for augmented reality content.

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New ‘Rembrandt’ Painting Was Created by Computer

The computer algorithm created the “new Rembrandt” after painstakingly studying the painter’s entire corpus, then mimicking Rembrandt’s painting techniques, styles and subjects. 📷: The Next Rembrandt/ING via Live Science

New ‘Rembrandt’ Painting Was Created by Computer

A computer algorithm has analyzed all of Rembrandt’s work and re-created the “next” version of the Dutch master’s paintings.

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Creativity in Black & White

See a selection of creative Black & White images via @GettyImages 📷: Jessica Ruiz / EyeEm

Creativity in Black & White

Cropped portrait of affectionate couple. 📷: Jessica Ruiz / EyeEm

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Dolphin Love

A gallery of ‘Dolphin Love’ photos from Getty Images. 📷: Eco/UIG

Dolphin Love

Mother and calf, Atlantic bottlenose dolphins are socially very tactile and will constantly touch and rub each other to affirm relations 📷: Eco/UIG/ Getty Images

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