Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Sweet Sunday morning dreaming. See more sleeping dogs from Getty Images

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Dog and cat sleeping peacefully together, best friends. Photo credit: mgs from the Getty Images Moment collection

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Photographing Wildlife Without a Photographer

Camera traps can help illuminate the world’s most elusive animals via The New York Times

Photographing Wildlife Without a Photographer

“Most animals are hiding, you actually never get to see them and you might be led to believe there’s nothing out there,” said author and zoologist, Roland Kays.

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Signature Artist of the Month: Kondoros Éva…

Éva finds inspiration in the loving, strong women in her life. “My mom constantly shows how deep and selfless love can be.”

Signature Artist of the Month: Kondoros Éva…

Whether she’s photographing her city of Budapest or highlighting the strength of women, photographer Kondoros Éva Katalin skillfully extracts the beauty from even the most ordinary moments. Learn more about our April Signature Artist of the Month.

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