“It was at that moment when I saw a girl look…

“It was at that moment when I saw a girl look like she was trying to breathe, staring straight up to the sky” – during the annual Fiesta de San Fermin ‘Running of the Bulls’ fiesta in historic Pamplona, Spain by David Ramos via Getty Images #yearinfocus

“It was at that moment when I saw a girl look…

From this year’s Getty Images Year In Focus. This incredible picture was taken during the opening day of the 2015 San Fermin Festival in Spain by photographer David Ramos 

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Often imitated, never duplicated

Happy Birthday 100th birthday to Frank Sinatra, photo by Sharland/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

Often imitated, never duplicated

Happy Birthday to the ‘Chairman of the Board’ 

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The future looks friendly!

PARTY FRIENDLY FUTURES is an expo at Usagi NY showcasing creativity + emotion + technology. The Disco Dog video is a must see! And find out how you can be the star of your favorite classic novel with Bookü

The future looks friendly!

In the world of technology, everyone is in a rush to advance. We want faster, smaller, smarter, and cheaper. But what if we also made technology friendlier? A perfect fit with our Getty Images 2016 trend, Extended Human. Exhibition up through Dec 26th and Robot Shakespeare lecture on Dec 12th

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from a low point of view


3.º Meeting do grupo ILUSTRAR PORTUGAL - Évora - 12 de Outubro de 2008

National Park Service $100,000 Job Opening….

Produce large-format photographic documentation and exhibition quality prints for 100K a year via PetaPixel

National Park Service $100,000 Job Opening….

One of the most lucrative jobs on offer for a photographer in the US has a requirement to shoot large format film. The position listed on USAJobs by the Department of the Interior

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Did Wes Anderson design North Korea?? You decide.

A London-based architecture critic toured the country and found the meticulously arranged interiors had a familiar cinematic quirkiness

Did Wes Anderson design North Korea?? You decide.

With an  oddly cheery design sense and absolute devotion to pastel colors,  the meticulously arranged interiors resemble sets from a delightfully quirky Wes Anderson film

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a view from the balcony



Pantone and Getty Images

Getty Images Director of Visual Trends, Pam Grossman, discusses four artful takes on Pantone’s Color of the Year in partnership with Getty Images

Pantone and Getty Images

Rose Quartz and Serenity are already appearing more frequently in the high-end conceptual imagery Getty Images represents, with photographers using colors to tell a variety of stories

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Palácio de Estoi

Palácio de Estoi